Lilian Nordstrom
Lilian Nordstrom
Healingstudie med Värmekamera

My name is Lilian Nordstrom. I was born 1956 in Stockholm Sweden. In June 2004 I  got married to  Anders and we have been married already 16 Years...

I have a son, Michael, 38 (from a previous marriage) married to Sofia.2 grand children Leo and Melvin and a dog called ZAC.




I have worked with Healing for over 23 Years and with research for over 10.

Reason being that I want to achieve a greater understanding and more use of Alternative Medicine as a complement to Ordenary Medicine.


I have informed about Healing in several TV-programs, Newspapers, Health-magazines and also for The Swedish Parliament.


It is of great importance that information 

about Healing starts on a basic level.

Following that the more advanced information can then be optained of those who would like to have a deeper knowledge in the subject.


More and more people are nowadays using alternative medicine.


My personal goal is to have Alternative medicine fully integrated with Ordenary Medicine.


As part of the way to achieve My goal I have started courses involving everything from

Basic training in Healing,
  Mental Training and finally the more advanced Healing Therapist Education.



Lilian Nordstrom


Lilian Nordström
Wittstocksgatan 23

115 27 Stockholm


Tel: +46707568369

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